Book requests!

We are always sourcing new materials, whether that be specific book requests or to fill the language gaps on our shelves. Here is a list of our general needs and common requests, as well as some specific book requests that people have made. If you’re looking to donate something special, books are a wonderful choice.

General requests and needs:

  • Farsi books (particularly children’s and poetry)

  • Books on coding and computer skills (English, Arabic or Farsi)

  • Easy reader/staged books for adults learning English

  • Ladybird books in any language

  • Pashto books, particularly language learning from Pashto.

  • Bangla books

  • English and Greek ABC

Specific requests:

  • A book on Charles Darwin in Arabic

  • Specialist medical textbooks and engineering textbooks in all languages, specifically an anatomy book in Farsi

  • A Thousand Splendid Suns in Turkish

  • Anything by Hana Mina and Jubran Khalil Jubran in Arabic

  • Dostoyevsky in Arabic

If you like what we do and you’re feeling generous, you can find some of these requests on our Amazon wish list:

Or you can have a search yourself, on Amazon or on sites like this:

Please get in contact with us at or on Facebook if you need our postal details, or want to donate something more difficult to find, we’ll be happy to show you where you look.