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We are lucky to have wonderful volunteers who come from a variety of backgrounds, from Greece and beyond. Along with Keira and Becka our full-time coordinators, marvellous volunteers Shayan, Isabelle, Bruno, Hannah-Lily, Marnie and Vaso put in time and love to make ECHO what it is - a van of inspiration, learning and fun.


At present our volunteers (like lovely Vaso here) offer learning-through-play activities for children, guitar lessons as well as Greek and English classes for adults. We are also keen to support anyone who has something they think they can offer to make ECHO a real community hub wherever we go - so contact us if you think this is you!

Behind the scenes: Megan Yates


I studied Human, Social and Political Sciences. I specialized in Biological Anthropology but slowly came to realise I care much more about what’s happening to people presently than what happened 200,000 years ago. After spending some time working for RCK in Calais I became interested in various grassroots movements across Greece - which led me to ECHO!



Laura Samira Naude

28-year old South African of mixed heritage (Lebanese-Italian) with a background in human rights, humanitarian relief and communications. Soon after graduating with an MA in Conflict and Development from King’s College, I went work on Lesvos with a relief organisation. Months later, I was part of the team that founded ECHO for Refugees. After co-managing ECHO in Greece for 2 years, I stepped away to work in Gaziantep and now the UK, while continuing to support the ECHO for Refugees team.


Esther ten Zijthoff

Dutch/Peruvian and culturally confused. Before launching ECHO for Refugees I had finished an MA in Conflict, Security and Development from King’s College London, where Laura and I met pulling all-nighters in the library and agonizing over dissertations; little did we know we were setting the stage for what was to come. After London, I was working with a development NGO in Bangladesh focused on education, but moved to Greece to volunteer in March 2016...and the rest is history. Those who know me joke that I’ve created my own dream job: swimming in books that have no price tag on them. I currently work remotely for a humanitarian monitoring and evaluation consultancy while also supporting ECHO for Refugees.

LAUNCH TEAM - August 2016

Clem Bruce

Clem has a Bachelors in Development Studies from the University of Sussex and a Masters in Hazards and Disaster Management from the University of Kingston. His background is in project management and he currently works for the Malaria Consortium. He is passionate in humanitarian work and began volunteering in EKO Refugee Camp, Greece in April 2016. It was here he met Laura and Esther, with whom he went on to launch ECHO for Refugees. Clem is a big sports fan and volunteers in his family’s boxing charity on the weekend.

Celine de Richouffitz

I am french and swiss and currently a student in international development at McGill university in Canada. I am interested in humanitarian emergency care and forced migrations. I spent 6 months in Greece and 2 months in Lebanon working with refugees through various projects such as a field kitchen, children's activities, environmental programs and of course, education initiatives such as the Refugee Library!

Gabi Kacha

My name is Gabi, I’m a Lebanese-American who took time off from studies in International Development at McGill to spend half a year in Greece volunteering with various projects for refugees. From this beautiful mobile library, to English conversation classes, and other amazing initiatives such as a field kitchens and micro business projects we carried a message of solidarity, love and humanity in all the work we did.